Short Vest Style 12

  • This garment is recommended for people who display products, supervise work areas or verify processes and who require exposure to low temperatures between 10 and 0°C.
  • It can be used over the uniform or with additional protection of a pajama nightgown depending on the conditions of exposure to cold.
  • The outer fabric of this garment is 100% Antifluid Polyester. The anti-fluid property of these garments is achieved through a chemical process where a textile protector is added that repels liquid splashes generated when handling the products, preventing the appearance of stains and the easy deterioration of this equipment.
  • The fleece fabric on the sides allows greater elongation of the garment and on the neck prevents abuse and provides body heat
  • The insulating thermal material prevents the strong exchange of air through the garment, avoiding thermal shock, maintaining normal temperature in vital organs.
  • The inner lining silk provides greater softness to the touch and prevents the accumulation of odors.
  • It is a garment that is easy to wash and dry, facilitating its cleaning and generating a good image of your company.
  • Easy to wash and dry. Does not require ironing.
SPECIFICATIONS: 3 pockets on the front, thermal fleece on the sides and neck, external anti-fluid fabric, insulating thermal material and silk lining inside.