Fleece Jacket -35°C

  • It is recommended for cold room operators who require an easy-to-use, lightweight garment that provides protection down to -35°C.
  • Easy-glide zipper and highly resistant to crystallization.
  • The waterproof campero fabric is very resistant to tension and tearing, preventing easy deterioration of the garment.
  • The insulating thermal material prevents the strong exchange of air through the garment, avoiding thermal shock while maintaining normal body temperature.
  • The inner lining silk provides greater softness to the touch and prevents the accumulation of odors.
  • The sleeves are attached from the neck to the cuff, this makes the jacket lighter, and facilitates the operator's movement so that he can lift his arms with less effort.
  • The cuff is elasticated
  • Fluorescent tape on the sleeves and the hem of the jacket that facilitates the location of the operator in cellars that generate fog.

SPECIFICATIONS: 2 pockets on the front, includes removable mask, external waterproof campero fabric, insulating thermal material and silk lining inside.